10 signs that your delivery is coming

Pregnancy lasts approximately 40 weeks, counting from the last period or menstruation, however, you may already have knowledge from family or friends that this is relative. If everything has been fine in the pregnancy, it is likely that from week 37 the delivery will occur at any time.

So it is possible that when you are in the last month of pregnancy every discomfort or sensation becomes a sign that you will soon have your baby.

Remember that before any sign that seems doubtful it will always be better to speak with the doctor, although false alarms are common both in first-time women and in women who already have children, you should not feel bad about consulting.

Next, we will indicate which are those 10 signs that could help you identify if you are close to the moment when you will meet your child and with it true love.

  1. Signs that labor is approaching
    1. #1 Tiredness is higher
    2. #2 You feel slight contractions
    3. #3 You may breathe better
    4. #4 The trip to the bathroom is more intense
    5. #5 Eject the mucous plug
    6. #6 You feel pain in the abdomen or back
    7. #7 You suffer from muscle cramps
    8. #8 Real contractions appear
    9. #9 The fountain breaks
    10. #10 You want to leave everything ready

Signs that labor is approaching

Signs that labor is approaching

#1 Tiredness is higher

It is common for you to feel tired during the last weeks of pregnancy, as this is due to the weight of the baby, uncertainty about the time of delivery and difficulties sleeping. However, in recent days this discomfort may become more acute, if you feel very tired for days it is possible the moment is approaching.

#2 You feel slight contractions

These are preparatory contractions and are known as "Braxton Hicks contractions", described as low intensity, painless and irregular. In fact, many women feel like their gut is hard for a few minutes, most have these mild contractions before true labor.

#3 You may breathe better

The change in position of the fetus, which is when the head falls towards the pelvis and the abdomen looks lower, will leave more space for the lungs and stomach, allowing discomfort and breathing to improve. So enjoy the sensations, the contractions will still be days away, but it helps to think that the moment is coming.

#4 The trip to the bathroom is more intense

Although this is common throughout the pregnancy, in the final stage the frequency with which you will urinate becomes more intense, since the baby will be pressing against the bladder. In addition, in most occasions when you go to the bathroom, it will be in small quantity. It's actually more of the feeling than anything else, but you'll need to prepare.

#5 Eject the mucous plug

The mucous plug is described as a thick substance that is in the cervix to prevent the entry of germs and can be a good sign that the time of labor is getting closer and closer. It is not a sign by itself of the immediate onset of labor, since it can be expelled and labor may take days to start. However, it will indicate that you are reaching the end of the stage, although some women lose it without realizing it.

#6 You feel pain in the abdomen or back

The pain of labor contractions begins in the back, in the area of ​​the kidneys and goes to the pelvis and groin. If you feel a specific pain in the abdominal area, it may be a false contraction, the pain in the lower belly is a sign that the baby is embedded, but it is very likely that it will still be several days to come out.

#7 You suffer from muscle cramps

The pressure generated by the uterus and the baby's head on the pelvis can be the cause of cramps and pain in both the pelvis and the legs. Although it is not a reason to go to the hospital immediately, it is also a sign to begin to think that there is not much time left until the arrival of your baby.

#8 Real contractions appear

Labor contractions will decrease steadily, first every 20 minutes, then every 15, every 10 and so, on the other hand, the false alarm contractions, one happens and after 8 minutes another, these are not regular. The labor contractions are getting longer and the pain is intense in any situation, but if you have a long one, then a short one and the pain improves when you change position or activity, it can be a false alarm.

#9 The fountain breaks

When waters break, the fluid secretion occurs suddenly and is abundant. It is also possible that there are cracks in the bag that causes you to lose fluid in a smaller amount, but constant. Some deliveries begin without a bag rupture, but if it occurs it indicates that the baby will be born in the next 24 to 48 hours. You should go to the doctor to be checked and more urgently if the liquid is dark yellow, green or bloody.

#10 You want to leave everything ready

When the arrival of the baby approaches, it is common for the mother to feel the need to prepare everything, the clothes, the room and the cleaning, so that it is perfect and ready for when she arrives from the hospital. This is known as the nest syndrome, it is believed to be a way of coping with anxiety or the desire to control the new situation.


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